Vegetable proteins for the hair.

Vegetable proteins for the hair.
The Institute of Biochemistry and Nutrition of the University of Hohenheim confirms that the supply of proteins is also possible at the plant level. An ideal combination of high quality vegetable protein (such as quinoa and beans) is important.

Grains, legumes, nuts and seeds are excellent natural protein donors. But alkaline leafy vegetables such as spinach, cabbage vegetables Trialix such as Brussels sprouts, cabbage, savoy cabbage, as well as wild plants, herbs and mushrooms can not be underestimated as a source of protein.

In contrast to animal protein sources, herbal proteins provide the body with valuable fibers and antioxidants.

Instead of questionable amounts of cholesterol, especially nuts with healthy plant fat. But beware! Nuts, grains and legumes are metabolized acidically.

To avoid excessive acidification of the body, these sources of protein proteins should be consumed in large quantities with alkaline foods, at best.

Energetic proteins of nuts for hair and heart.
As a protein rich species, nuts and almonds provide all the essential amino acids, as well as vitamins and minerals essential for strong hair. In particular, the high antioxidant effect of the nut supports the structure of the hair by protecting the cells from free radicals. Nuts as raw foods are the best.

The heat of roasting the nuts reduces the quality of the antioxidants, but the nuts are usually natural and therefore have a total benefit.
Explains Professor Joe Vinson of the University of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

The high-quality protein in walnuts is not only worth a booming hair treatment, but also, according to research results from the Harvard School of Public Health, also prevents heart attacks. Even eating a few nuts a week will reduce the risk of a heart attack by 30 to 50 percent. As a beneficial side effect, the unsaturated fatty acids in nuts maintain a balance of cholesterol levels and, therefore, can make it unnecessary to bring harmful medications to cholesterol.

Rice proteins and thermos: homes of great strength for athletes and patients with allergies
Athletes love to rely on protein drinks to increase protein deposits and thus increase muscle growth. The high-quality protein is composed of chicken proteins, milk proteins, soy protein and wheat protein, and is covered with questionable additives, such as artificial flavors and flavor enhancers.

Basically balanced and naturally delicious is the rice protein. Especially for those who are allergic to those who want to support their bodies with Trialix Canada healthy vegetable proteins, gluten-free rice bran, rich in oil and rich in bio-gluten with the ideal amino acid composition is ideal.

In addition, in the European panorama of health and fitness, the thermos can be erected soon. At the same time, the thermoses are also introduced as a protein supplement in the form of protein tablets.

The legumes combine the eight essential amino acids, called whole proteins. Although Lupine is not a miracle remedy that can replace lost hair easily, the basic thermos procedure can help address the main causes of hair loss: the proper balance of acid base and optimal protein supply are the best conditions for healthy hair growth.

A diet rich in nutrients to treat hair loss.
Protein deficiency can be an important guide to treat hair loss, but other causes can also be studied.

Bottlenecks in vitamins A, D, and E in foods can also cause hair loss, such as hormonal fluctuations, incompatible products for hair care, and medications (such as antibiotics). In addition, hair growth slows down as part of the natural aging process.

Therefore, provide your body with the best possible weapons on the road to life: with a basic and balanced diet and avoid detergents like industrial sugar, it will keep your hair in old age.

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