Alkali is found in many plants.

Alkali is found in many plants.
Alkaloids are present in almost all plants and, therefore, in almost all teas. These are natural substances that contain nitrogen, mostly alkaline (hence the name). It is not only produced by almost all plants, but also by fungi and some animals. More than 10,000 known alkaloids, but there is no common definition of them.

However, it is clearly part of the secondary metabolism of the organism, which means that it does not fulfill any vital function and, therefore, is among the so-called plant chemicals.

Many plants produce toxic alkaloids to protect themselves from predators, making them toxic in high doses to humans. If the plant is already Keto blast toxic in small quantities, it is like toxic plants. B. Blue Iron Hat, but they are not part of our diet and are used as the most medicinal plants in homeopathic preparations. Some of the most famous alkaloids with examples of the botanist are:

Slow in the blue iron hat
Atropine in eggplant plants, such as. B Baldouna
Coniin in the spotted hemlock
Caffeine in coffee and tea.
Theobromine In Cocoa
Cocaine in the coca bush.
Morphine in the poppy
Nicotine in the tobacco plant.
Castor resin
Solanina in aubergines.
In this list, it is clear that alkaloids have very different effects, and the trial seems to vary a lot according to humans. While Blue Ironhaw or Hemlock Spotted are highly toxic, caffeine and nicotine are consumed generously, with no deaths or daily warnings in the case of coffee.

The vast majority of alkaloids are not aware of us, because their effect is very weak and the absorption components are very low. Anyone who fears vegetable poisoning or the herb garden, which of course contains a small amount of alkaloids, so you can relax and breathe.

From Pyrrolizidinalkaloiden now 600 known different forms. It can be shown that half of this has a toxic effect, but this does not happen with each dose. Among the most important medicinal plants with a relatively high content of pyrrolizidinalcaloids are included z. Cough, comfrey, borage and butter: plants that are rarely eaten, and if so, only in very small quantities.

Poisonous alkaloids in coffee
Caffeine, an old-fashioned tea also called Tein, nicotine includes, as mentioned above, also alkali, but it has always been an integral part of our daily lives. In addition, some of its negative effects are known to most people, but are often underestimated or distorted by contradictory data and studies, so that they are suddenly perceived as positive.

It has been clearly shown that caffeine and nicotine can cause cardiovascular disease and can also cause harm to an unborn child. Caffeine also promotes osteoporosis in older women, while nicotine can promote the development of cancer. The list of side effects is long, but one of them will cause significant damage to a huge industry if these substances are regulated or even banned. However, nature’s healing herbs are a thorn in the side of a lot, and that is why there are always attempts to discredit its reputation.

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