Healthy juices


The possibilities of making juice vary so that anyone can enjoy their favorite juices. Even green juices, of which one can be ashamed, become delights when leafy vegetables are mixed with the appropriate fruits. So even “non-vegetarian Tevida¬†fanatics” can enjoy a concentrated concentration of nutrition, without having to give up a refreshing taste experience. Such juice awakens the spirits, promotes good health and makes you happy. You will not be the first to not give up your daily juice again.


Vegetables in sufficient quantity – a problem in daily life

Many health experts recommend three to five servings Tevida CANADA of vegetables during the day. But who can follow this recommendation? Still eating apples or bananas in the middle, but the vegetables? Even as a plant promoter, the implementation of this recommendation in daily life is often impossible.


And what about those people who tend to be less fond of vegetables? How to obtain abundant nutrients in vegetables? Of course, this question is posed to children who often refuse to eat something on their plates, as well as the elderly or infirm, whose lack of appetite makes an adequate supply of nutrients that promote health impossible.








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