Onion juice against gray hair?

Onion juice against gray hair?
Onion juice has been recommended for centuries of natural therapy as a home remedy for gray hair or hair loss.

However, it is important to distinguish the boiled broth from the onion skin, which is used to color Easter eggs or to dye the hair, and the real onion juice, which ensures that the hair grows in its natural color.

How does onion juice do this?

First, the onion juice has a certain antibacterial effect, which cleanses the scalp and activates circulation.

But onion juice also has a different effect: it is Keto Blast supposed to stimulate the production of catalase, and you already know catalase: break hydrogen peroxide and avoid gray hair.

Onion juice and sun against hair loss.
The pseudocatalase bacterium created by the previous researcher, PC-KUS, is more powerful than the natural form because it is activated with UVB radiation.

Interestingly in this context is what the famous doctor Gerard (1545-1612) wrote about hair loss and onion juice:

“The onion juice applied to a bald head under the sun brings hair very quickly.”
So even then it worked with UV stimulation to improve the effect of onion juice. Only at that time I did not know much about catalasat and UV …

Onion juice – Application
To date, many physiotherapists or herbalists recommend eating onion juice alone or in combination with other natural substances as a treatment for gray and fine hair.

The recommendations for use are very few, and may also be due to the fact that the use of onion juice is very simple:

You take, what is possible with short hairstyles, cut the onions and rub the cut surface on the scalp.

Or you can age onions with juice and massage the juice several times a day on the scalp.

Zusätzlich sollte man natürlich auch auf die umfassende Versorgung der Haare mit den erforderlichen Nährstoffen achten. Eine gesunde naturbelassene und nährstoffreiche Ernährung ist daher für das Haar – wenn es nicht grau werden soll und oxativem Stress bestmöglich vaststehen können soll – unerlässlich.

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