Side effects of drugs

Side effects of drugs: 1.6 million hospital admissions and 30,000 deaths per year in Germany alone
In More / less, the commercial magazine of the ARD, reported on 2.8.2017 that thousands of people are admitted daily due to the side effects of medications in German hospitals. This will be 1.6 million people per year. 30,000 of them die as a result of these side effects, every year only in Germany! The cost of treating these side effects is about 2,500 million euros. It is strange to say that dietary supplements are harmful in light of this situation.

What can be done to avoid overdose, double entry or other medication errors? Do a routine checkup (or ask your doctor to do this for you) and order all the supplements that must be taken that day on the dosing machine. This can be doneĀ Trialix with the same nutritional supplements, so it can be solved here for many very alarming problems of any overdose.

5. Dietary supplements are harmful because they increase the risk of cancer.
In criticizing the supplements, it is also claimed that nutritional supplements are so harmful that they can increase the risk of cancer. Again, it is always isolated, it is artificial and it is taken in very high doses of individual substances like. As vitamin E, vitamin A and selenium, they are listed.

There is no clear place in which these nutrients in the individually required doses lead to cancer. Instead, one reads “the risks of taking it out of control”.

6. Supplements do not add anything, since they lack the substances that accompany natural foods.
Critics often also explain that dietary supplements can not compensate for the consequences of malnutrition, since fruits and vegetables not only contain vitamins, but also hundreds of other substances that interact with vitamins. Therefore, there is a synergistic effect that can not be found with isolated artificial materials. In addition, harmful supplements. That is true to the point!

But here it is assumed that humans eat only synthetic and isolated biological materials. Of all the dietary supplements, these authors and experts have not heard anything. It contains almost a complete ammunition of biological material from raw materials (eg, barley grass powder, chlorella, nettle powder, spinach powder, etc.). In addition, of course, individual substances can be used by the body; otherwise, they (for example, iron, compound B, vitamin D, vitamin C, etc.) do not develop their specific effect, but they do so clearly.

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