Electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes – harmful and carcinogenic.

Electronic cigarettes are harmful, and that’s what you already know. Although it is often called, most recipients who depend on nicotine or electronic cigarette dispensers, electronic cigarettes pose no health risk. But the actual effects of electronic cigarettes are not known so far. Because studies repeatedly show that electronic cigarettes have completely new harmful effects. Harmful effects not even thought. Even if electronic cigarettes are less harmful than tobacco, this does not mean they are healthy.

Harmful electronic cigarettes increasingly harm teenagers.
The electronic cigarette is not healthy in any way, as you usually think in the reports. It is harmful, even if it is less harmful than traditional cigarettes.

Since the market launch in 2004, “vapors”, also called electronic cigarette users, have proliferated. Especially in the United Kingdom,  magnum trt the United States and some emerging economies, people have a greater affinity for electronic cigarettes compared to smoking.

But even in Germany and Switzerland, the alternative to traditional “healthier” tobacco products is growing: an estimated 3 million people use electronic cigarettes in Germany, while in Switzerland there are 100,000, many of them teenagers.

In young people, acceptance of traditional sticks for glare decreased drastically, as evidenced by a 2014 study. This year, only 12% of children aged 14 to 18 were taken to the cigarette. Ten years ago, a third of young people found that smoking got cold.

Strict non-smoking laws have contributed significantly to the fact that smoking disappears more and more from the public and loses acceptance, a success that can be erased as fast as an electronic cigarette.

Doctors not only warn against the new drug, because electronic cigarettes are clearly harmful, so anything is not healthy. They simply hide what it really is: that is, the addiction to the nerve agent of nicotine continues in its search. It is not a substitute for many devices to resemble deceptive real cigarettes or the tradition of smoking by LED.

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