Is the avocado overloaded

Is the avocado overloaded with pesticides?
Although some sites in the network claim that avocados pose a terrible threat, namely, pesticides for psoriasis, avocado is actually one of 15 chlorine, 15 less contaminated fruits. Due to their thick and hard scabs, they are not attractive to insects or prone to fungal diseases.

Therefore, there are almost no pesticide residues in the fruit; if so, there are only residues of treatments that are also used in citrus after harvest for better conservation (for example, albesendazole), but even these residues are somewhat rare. On the other hand, nine out of every 10 German apples contain many pesticides, making it one of the most treated crops.

Therefore, there is no reason to keep your hands  Overnight Lean Keto away from avocados, especially organic avocados. The only thing you have to stop is to believe in everything that is written in today’s popular articles about fruits and vegetables.

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Gesättigte Fette nicht für Arteriosklerose verantwortlich

It is believed that saturated fats such as butter or coconut oil cause deposits in the walls of blood vessels, which can block blood vessels slowly but steadily, leading to heart attacks and strokes. However, in an article in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, three cardiologists said that this view of things was simply wrong, because saturated fat is not the cause of atherosclerosis. On the other hand, clogged blood vessels have a completely different cause.

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