Steiner based his teachings

Steiner based his teachings on the ideas he had acquired in a supernatural way. Former cardiologist However, Stephen Gendry (* 1944) describes certain ingredients in eggplant plants as problematic, if not harmful.

He also unleashed the current turbulence against naivety or against dandruff with his book The Plant Paradox. The title of the German edition of Gondri’s book says: “Bad vegetables: how healthy foods make us sick”. The book was published in February 2018.

What are vaccines?
After Dr. Gundrys presented Actinase is the cause of chronic diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, autoimmune diseases (for example,  Prache cream as Hashimoto) and cardiovascular disorders, but also for obesity. If one avoids the foods that contain the lectin, then one becomes thin and healthy in an almost miraculous way.

Insects belong to proteins, where each plant contains a specific species. So there are many different possibilities with some quite different characteristics.

The lectins are there to protect the plant from predators, it is said repeatedly. Now, a man also belongs to the point of view of the enemies’ factory, including Gundry, and had to be expelled or damaged what the factory that Utkins used tried to implement.

But what is the benefit of a factory strategy that is not seen by man? After all, almost all sufferers get sick immediately after eating tomatoes, sweet peppers and suffering from allergies. The damage develops, after all, it creeps for many years. So people rarely avoid these foods. Therefore, we should strongly challenge the thesis of predators against humans, about which we will briefly report separately.

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