Liposuction makes you fat

Liposuction makes you fat
Forget the diet and just let the excess weight suck? Would be wonderful. After nearly four decades of liposuction, the results of new research now show: The fat recovered after the famous cosmetic surgery is due.

Liposuction is not adequate to reduce obesity.
The fact that fat returns are of Keto Viante great importance to us scientists. Supports the theory that body fat is subject to strict control through mechanisms that we have yet to identify

Dr. Eckel said in a press release.

It was noted in rodents that the absorbed fat had returned, and in humans it was observed that this phenomenon quickly reached the previous weight after weight loss.

We believe that the brain knows how much fat the body stores and emits signals that can be stored again after liposuction.

Unfortunately, liposuction is not appropriate for the long-term relief of obesity and it also has other unfavorable consequences.

Liposuction increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure
The fat can be stored again in unusual places, leading to an increase in the so-called visceral fat content.

Visceral fat is the invisible visual fat that accumulates in the free abdominal cavity.

However, the greater the visceral fat, the higher the risk of diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure.

This is especially the case if the lifestyle and dietary habits practiced before liposuction are maintained after the operation.

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